Pälsimitation Wedding Bolerojackor (013003848)

Pälsimitation Wedding Bolerojackor (013003848)

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Kategori:  Bolerojackor

Tillfälle:  Wedding

Tyg:  Pälsimitation

Bredd:  11.75 in.(30cm)

Axlar till stuss:  11 in.(28cm)

Säsong:  Vinter

Längd:  36.61 in.(93cm)

Axlar:  16.93 in.(43cm)

Visad Färg:  Elfenbensvit


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Vikt: 500g


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Pälsimitation Wedding Bolerojackor (013003848)

Pälsimitation Wedding Bolerojackor (013003848)

Pälsimitation Wedding Bolerojackor (013003848)

Pälsimitation Wedding Bolerojackor (013003848)


Från Mette
2016-10-11 01:34:26
Pelsen er smuk og kommer til at varme mig I min utroligt smukke brudekjole :) Lykkelig brud <3

Från lanouche
2013-12-10 14:18:02
une très belle écharpe et livraison très rapide beau travail et merci

Från Jacqueline
2013-07-16 01:07:45
If you are working to find a fur shawl, please do not hesitate to buy it. I just received one ordered here and it is very nice. Quality is great and the workmanship is excellent. The price you paid is really worth. Thank you!!!

Från Angela
2013-04-11 01:09:38
I love this shawl as it is very beautiful and in affordable price, I really recommend this to who are looking for a shawl. It is a very good fashion product. Better than expected!!!

Från fleure
2013-03-06 20:38:43
I have bought one dress on your website before and would like to get a wrap to match it. your customer service was so nice to recommend this to me and helped me to customize the size. It fits me well, thank u!
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